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The zernosushilny energiya-eko complex on solid fuel on the basis of the tm
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The Zernosushilny Energiya-Eko complex on solid fuel on the basis of the TM "Energiya-Eko" solid propellant heatgenerator

Group: Grain dryer
The Zernosushilny Energiya-Eko complex on solid fuel on the basis of the TM "Energiya-Eko" solid propellant heatgenerator
Grain dryerGrain dryerGrain dryerGrain dryerGrain dryer
980000 UAH
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  - The complex is intended for drying of grain and oil-bearing crops (colza, soy, sunflower, corn) by means of the atmospheric air heated by the heatgenerator TM "Energiya-Eko". Productivity is 120-140 tons/days on corn at removal of 5 - 7% of moisture.

The recommended scope:

 - Agriculture. Heatgenerators can be used for heating of production rooms, hangars and other non-residential premises of different function.

Advantages before analogs:

 - Use of the heatgenerator TM "Energiya-Eko" working at straw bales with (wheat, soy, colza, corn), spill from a tree, corn ears, fuel briquettes, reduces expenses by 4-6 times in relation to zernosushilny complexes using diesel fuel or natural gas.

 - Lack of direct contact of a product of combustion with grain.

 - The minimum damage of grain due to use of noriya and conveyors (use of shnekovy mechanisms is excluded).

 - The mechanized loading of the heatgenerator bales, spill by means of a penalty or other loader through the top or side doors the size, in mm: 1650 x 1650.

 - Volume of the camera of loading, mm: 2000 x 3000 x 1800, gives the chance of long burning (increase in time between loadings).

 - Automatic control of air temperature at the exit from the heatgenerator, 0C 60-100, creates comfortable conditions of service and satisfies necessary parameters of drying.

 - Service of a complex is carried out by 2 persons in change:

   • the driver of the car for supply of grain and before loading of bales a penalty or other loader;
   • operator-accountant.

 - Unloading of dry grain is carried out by a noriya, under the terms of the customer in the directions:

    • car;
    • in the bunker the store;
    • on a warehouse.

 - A guarantee - 1 year

Technical characteristic:

1. The 1000 kW heatgenerator works at bales from straw, firewood, spill from firewood, corn ears - 1 piece.

 • Sizes of the heatgenerator, mm:
      width: 2300;
     length: 5200;
     height: 2400

 • Weight, kg: 5990
 • Engine of the fan of pressurization, kW: 1.2
 • Fan the main, kW: 22

2. Zernosushilny columns – 2 pieces.

 • Volume of loading, m3: 2 x 23 (in tones 2 x 18)
 • Sizes of a column, mm:
     diameter: 2900;
 • Weight, kg: 1600

3. Noriya with a productivity of 2 x 25 t/h – 2 pieces.

 • Sizes of a noriya, mm:
     height: 8500
 • Weight, kg: 1250
 • Electric drives, kW: 2 x 2.2

4. Conveyors scraper – 3 pieces.

 • Sizes of the conveyor, mm:
      length: 3000
 • Electric drives, kW: 3 x 2.2

5. The Zernopriyomny bunker – 1 piece.

 • Sizes of the bunker, mm:
      width: 3000;
      length: 1500;
     height: 500


6. Zernoprovoda.

7. Tees.

8. Assembly elements.

9. Air ducts.

10. A ladder on noriya top.

11. Platform of service of noriya.

12. Electroboard and cables of lighting.

13. The cooling fan (upon the demand of the customer), kW: 11

14. Rooms of service personnel (upon the demand of the customer), the size, mm: 2000 x 3000

General rated capacity of electric equipment, kW: 46


Calculation of costs of drying of corn zernosushilny complex "Energy — Eko":

  For heating of corn in number of 1 ton and evaporations of moisture in number of 60 liters, it is necessary:

     • Heating from 200 to 1000C - 80 thousand kcal. thermal energy.

     • Evaporations of 60 kg of water - 33 thousand kcal. thermal energy, or all together 123 thousand kcal.

  For drying of corn in number of 120 tons per day, at removal of moisture of 6% it is necessary to evaporate 7,2 tons of water or to spend 14760000 kcal. thermal energy.

Calculation of expenses for types of fuel is reflected in the table:

Name of fuel Unit of measure Calorific ability, kcal. Amount of heat, kcal. Amount of fuel Price of the energy carrier, UAH. Sum, UAH. Cost of removal of moisture on 1 t/%, UAH.
Diesel fuel l. 10300 14760000 1433 19,2 27514 45
Gas natural m3 8000 14760000 1845 9 16605 30
The gas liquefied kg 10800 14760000 1367 11 15037 28
Straw kg 3800 14760000 3884 0,3 1165 8,6


  • Costs of the electric power in days make 46 kW x 24 hours = 1104 kvtgod or 2650 UAH.

  • Costs of the salary of 6 people (3 changes on 2 persons) in days, are approximately made by 2400 UAH.

  • Costs of straw, wood = 1165 UAH.

 In total costs of drying of 120 t. corn, at removal of moisture of 6%, within 1 days the drying complex "Energy — Eko" makes 6215 UAH or 8,6 UAH for 1 t/%

 The Evrobud-P enterprise assumes obligations for production, transportation, installation, commissioning and training of personnel.


Brand: ТМ «Энергия-Эко»
Country of manufacture: Ukraine
Type: Tower
Principle of drying: Streaming
Type of fuel: Solid fuel
Method of travel: Stationary

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